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"Bo designs and implements tailor-made programs that build winning organizations and allow individuals to achieve personal greatness."

- Jim McCaslin, Chief Operating Officer, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

"I believe that Bo's leadership will have an important impact on this       country in the years to come."             

- Senator Strom Thurmond, Former President Pro Tempore, United States Senate 

"Bo Short develops great leaders. He has a talent for coaching people to attain significance in their personal and professional lives."

- Rudy Ruettiger,Author/Speaker, and the inspiration for the TriStar Motion Picture RUDY

"Bo touched our people in a way no other speaker has done. His lessons on leadership are inspiring."


- Robbie Callaway, President and Chief Executive Officer Technology Investors, Inc. Former Senior Vice-President, Boys and Girls Clubs of America

"In my 27 years of attending conventions, I consider your presentation to be the very best and look forward to working with you in the future."


- Charles J. Noto, Jr., Regional Vice President, John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company

"The Foundation of Leadership is for students, teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, parentsor anyone who wants to achieve success in life."

- Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

"I have always believed that for one to succeed, he or she must possess certain leadership qualities. That is why it is imperative that we provide our young men and women with the necessary leadership qualities. Your organization assists in providing these qualities to our youth, and I would be proud to be a member of the Advisory Board."

- Senator Trent Lott, Former Majority Leader, United States Senate

"In the Chinese language, the written characters for 'challenge' and 'opportunity' are the same. I believe that summarizes America's situation today. It also shows why the work of the American Leadership Foundation is so important. ALF is giving the next generation of Americans the inspiration and tools necessary to triumph over adversity."


- Elaine B. Rogers, President, USO - Washington, D.C.

"Perseverance. Character. Values. If there are any better qualities to instill in tomorrow's leaders, I am not familiar with them. The American Leadership Foundation is promoting all of these on behalf of talented American men and women. That's why I'm proud to be involved."

- Senator Daniel K. Inouye, United States Senator, Hawaii

"If you want to lead . . .then read The Foundation of Leadership. You will gain greater understanding of our country, our citizens' accomplishments and your role 

in continuing the climb."


- Senator Spencer Abraham, United States Senator, Michigan

"From the first page, you can tell that The Foundation of Leadership is written straight from the heart. This is a book that should be in the library of every American family."

- Governor Carroll Campbell, former Governor, South Carolina

"The moment I played on my first team, I understood the importance of strong, able leadership. No book can teach everything there is to know about leadership, but The Foundation of Leadership is an excellent place to begin."

- Sonny Jurgensen, Hall of Fame Quarterback, Washington Redskins

"The American Leadership Foundation represents the American spirit at its finest. Dedicated men and women have come together to provide a solution to the need for leadership in America. Their goals are noble. Their efforts are proving successful. I'm doing my part. I hope you will too."

- John C. Law, former Administrator, United States Drug Enforcement Administration

"Rarely in our nation's history have we faced the need for leaders, especially young leaders. The American Leadership Foundation is committed to helping a new generation of Americans fulfill their God-given talents and meet the challenges of the next century."

- Lt. General Claudius E. Watts III (Ret) former President, The Citadel

"The 1990s will go down in history as a time of unparalleled change for American society. As we look to the future, this often wrenching dynamic will likely continue. It's vital that America produce leaders - in all segments of society - ready to meet these challenges. The American Leadership Foundation has stepped aggressively into this fray and is helping promote the values of leadership to an eager audience. I'm proud to be involved with the American Leadership Foundation."


- John E. Bianchi, former Chairman of the Board, Bianchi International

"Personal responsibility; economic independence; thrift; hard work; a strong work ethic; optimism; hope; valuing education and the love of learning; ambition; enthusiasm; pride; determination; perseverance; these are the essential ingredients of success in all aspects of life. They are also the necessary virtues of leadership.

It is truly an inspiring mission that the American Leadership Foundation has taken on to ensure that these attributes, which define the America character, are never forgotten. Bo Short is a true patriot and I strongly believe in the work he is doing. I encourage your participation in this important endeavor."

- Armstrong Williams, Nationally Syndicated Columnist 

"Very seldom does someone come along with the expertise to make an organization better. Bo has done just that. His leadership and ability to communicate have lifted our executive team to greater heights."

- Rocky Robinson, President, General Trading Company, Inc.

"If you want someone that makes a difference for your team, look no farther than Bo Short. He has the unique ability to maximize potential by leading 

people to be their best."

- Coy Barefoot, Best-Selling Author & Radio Personality

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