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Speaking Topics

Whether your organization is simply looking to take that next step on the journey of success or is in the midst of "chaos," Bo will deliver the message specifically designed to suit your needs. Each topic will be custom-tailored for your exact situation. If you are in a low-tech industry,  live on the frontline of Web 3.0, or serve the non-profit sector, there are facets of your business that must operate at the highest and most efficient levels. Bo will provide keynote, half or full-day programs that will address your organization's needs, delivering direct results to your bottom line.

4 Common Traits of Achievers

Allow Bo to move your audience into action. If you are looking to “gain the advantage” with your team, this message will deliver nothing less. When an organization works together, when production is driven from the desire to "serve the customer and each other" honorably, when technology is harnessed and put in its proper place, when achievement is leadership-driven, then hold on because your business is about to take-off! Bo shares a message that will cause the audience to leave your event focused on massive growth. This message, while focused on Common Traits, is anything but common. 

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Emotional Intelligence: How to Identify & Harness its Power

In 1990, two researchers coined the phrase Emotional Intelligence, which is simply the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, as well as recognize and influence the emotions of those around you. Sounds easy enough. Yet, how can something so simple be so complicated to replicate in an organization? Bo will teach you how to identify those team members who have this much sought-after characteristic, and how to harness it’s virtues to influence your entire company. If you want to add value to people and explode your bottom line, this is a crucial discussion.

Are Your Customers Being Served?

Bo’s analyzes one of the most deficient segments in business today; customer service. He discusses how to assess your current situation, create a scorecard, and establish benchmarks to make this area of your business the most successful part of your business. This topic can be tailored to executives, frontline managers, or anyone that comes into contact with customers. Disregard this topic at your own peril!

Leading Through Chaos

All organizations are faced with change if they are to remain relevant in the marketplace. This change oftentimes disrupts the workplace and causes many in the organization to question the future. Join Bo as he discusses the opportunity that this disruption creates. Bo explains how to lead a team in the midst of turmoil. He cites numerous examples how companies found their footing and had their greatest successes, while battling with this exact challenge. 

The Foundation of Leadership

In this keynote speech Bo discusses the 5 enduring principles of leadership. He uses some of America’s founding fathers to illustrate the role that Vision, Courage, Perseverance, Responsibility and Character played in shaping America, He explains how these same principles are essential to accomplish any business and/or personal goal you have set in front of you. 

Leading with Impact

This message is simple, clear, and compelling. Bo will teach attendees how to set goals that impact their personal/professional lives. He will discuss the role that repetition plays in developing a platform for success. He underscores how vital perseverance and personal responsibility are in this process. Bo then challenges the audience to claim leadership with the sword of honor and the shield of integrity. This is one you do not want to miss. Technology may change, but leaders do not!

"In my 27 years of attending conventions, I consider your presentation to be the very best and look forward to working with you in the future." 

—  Charles J. Noto, Jr., Regional Vice President, John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company

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