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My Perspective...

Once again, I stand with the peaceful protestors that are rightfully taking to the streets, exercising their constitutional rights as Americans to stand against abuse and racism that must be eliminated from this nation.

Due to the recent Seattle fiasco, we are missing an incredible opportunity to address our problems, fix our institutions, and aim high for the betterment of all. Sadly, that mission and what is going on in Seattle are two completely different things


The proposition that what is happening in Seattle is some form of peaceful protest is simply wrong. This riotous behavior is costing thousands of Seattle residents the ability to run businesses they have toiled to build & the freedom to safely move about in their own community. The millions of dollars of revenue they are losing at the hands of anarchists is devastating for all of them. The residents and business people of Seattle that have had their Constitutional rights trampled are of all colors, all income brackets and from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

I also find it ironic that the same people that are anti-gun, anti-border, anti-police, and pro-social distancing immediately defaulted to building a border, carrying guns, formed a policing security team and quit social distancing the moment they were in charge. In addition, they declared themselves an autonomous country and then quickly asked the U.S.A. for handouts, even though we are the country they claim to hate as they burn our flag. I pray the irony is not lost on me alone. I don’t think it is.

I would caution you not to embrace this activity as a victory for the anti-Trump movement. If you are pro-Trump I would caution you not to embrace this as putting a magnifying glass on the actions of the anarchist on the far left as though that will score points either. This, to me, is not a victory for either side. This is a complete loss for America. Both sides that choose to claim moral superiority from this, in my opinion, are just wrong and are sadly using this to gain a political advantage that only serves to undermine all of our liberty. The elected-elite in Washington, on both sides of the aisle are using this for THEIR own gain. Not yours and mine.

We have institutions that need to be overhauled and/or repaired. We obviously have issues within certain institutions that need to have racist and power-hungry abusers removed from their jobs. We have bigger problems to solve. This lack of understanding of unintended consequences is exactly how people get killed and parents suffer a lifetime asking themselves how this happened?

I love all of you. I want an America where your children can walk the streets and drive in their cars without ever being harassed (or worse) by people of power. I want you to live the American dream, even if we have to reinvent how some of it works. We are capable of that. We are capable of greatness as a nation if we look to the future. Our past is not a residence, but it is an important reference point. We must be aware of mistakes that have been made and develop systems that never allow them to recur. We must also understand that our job is to love all of our brothers and sisters of all colors. In my faith, I know Jesus died for each one of us. To Him, we are all the same. Our mission is to live that life.

I appreciate each one of you very much. God bless you.

Always Lead, Bo Short

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