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Let's Start Acting Like Americans Again

I sincerely appreciate everyone's fears and concerns. I also understand the magnitude of the politics that are at play in this country! I find much of it shameful and un-American. Regardless of the side of the political aisle you stand on, I will assume we (those of you that are on my FB page) all love this country. I will assume we do not want our fellow citizens to get sick. I also assume that we do not want our fellow citizens to lose years of sweat and toil they have invested in the businesses they have created. Saying that, it is time we get back to work and rebuild the prosperous economy we had just a few short months ago.

If you are too worried, I sincerely encourage you to stay home. Obviously if you have underlying medical conditions, take precautions. Be smart. If you want to go out and wear a mask, do so. If you do not, then do not. Regardless of how you choose to approach this moment in history, simply respect the way other Americans do the same.

I, for one, am unwilling to hide behind a locked door because of something that might happen. That's life. I am all for being respectful to those around me that may have greater concerns than I have. However, I refuse to simply lay down and be steam-rolled by a virus that has proven to be curable in over 99% of the cases.

We are Americans. We put a man on the moon for goodness sake. We forged a path from the east coast to the west coast of the United States facing all kinds of challenges and disasters. We have created the most prosperous nation on earth that has saved millions of lives around the world from tyranny. While we are far from perfect, we are Americans.

By the grace of God, we are an exceptional nation that can overcome any challenge. Let's start acting like it again! I love you all. God bless you. Always Lead, Bo

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