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Leadership is "Won or Lost" in Crisis

I know each one of us did the right thing when we agreed to help each other and our own families by social distancing. This nation, along with the rest of the world, was presented with an enemy we did not know. Science has begun to unravel its mystery and has a much firmer grasp on the situation.

However, we have also seen, in numerous parts of the country, how "well-intended" and, in some cases, "not so well-intended" bureaucrats infringed on the liberties of their citizenry. Our constitutional liberty was won by our forefather's sacrifice. It is dishonoring for us to give it up so easily.

How a leader acts in a time of crisis is more instructive than how they behave when things are going smoothly. Anyone can "wear the suit of leadership" if there are no difficult decisions to make. The test for each of us is how we react to the challenges.

As we move beyond this moment in time, it is vital that every elected official that failed this test, in this moment, be removed from office. This will only happen if we, as one nation under God, stand up for the liberty that our founders were willing to die for.

I am honored to know each of you and proud to stand alongside of you as fellow Americans.

Always Lead, Bo

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