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"Finishing is a Matter of Choice, not Circumstance"...Roni Short

I want to share a post from my wife, Roni. She is an exceptional coach and has a remarkable track record of training people on having the proper mindset. I saw a FaceBook post of hers today that I had to share. No reason to rewrite or explain as it gets right to the point.

From Roni's FaceBook Page: I want to share this inspiring video about this little boy named Tyler. Grab a tissue, you will need it! He is a true “OVERCOMER!” Tyler’s story is a great reminder to us that no matter how rough things may be or whatever we may be facing, what we do about it, is a CHOICE. We can choose to finish strong, or be defeated by circumstance. Let obstacles fuel you forward and turn them into opportunities. Whatever is standing in your way, let it be a rudder, rather than an anchor. After you run through the finish line, you’ll feel just like Tyler when you say “I’m glad I did,” rather than “I wish I had.”

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